Mona Gary

This is the first photo I ever took of Gary -- he was Gary when he lived in Vancouver, and changed his name to Gaetano when we moved to San Francisco. That's a roach in his hand. He hated having his photo taken, so I just blew into his kitchen, which was on the second floor above me in a ramshackle wood frame house near Main and Broadway in east Vancouver. I shot photos in every direction until I zeroed in on him when he least expected it.

I remember he painted his rooms an off-orange (the color of this page is as close to it as I can get). This was radical at the time, because the style of the moment was whitewashed rooms! I watched him do it in a haze of lust and smoke. I tackled him every now and then, because I was smitten long before he was. He didn't have a chance to get away -- leastwise I didn't give him one until it was too late.

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